Dear Diary

Dear Diary

With soft fingertips he caresses fragile summer skin. Not a sound escaping past wide open lips as he stands behind her. The ability to breathe long forgotten.          At his touch she;                               F A L L S

With soft fingertips he caresses fragile summer skin. Not a sound escaping past wide open lips as he stands behind her. The ability to breathe long forgotten.

         At his touch she;
                               F A L L S



"I am full of regret I noticed at all, miss Vance. One little fool nearly collided into my person. Whatever has happened to the idea of ‘elders’? Quite appalling."

"I would see it fit for you to bring your complaints to the Headmaster, darling, if he was not of the mind of allowing anything behind these walls. A shame, truly, for the quality of our peers seem to falter by every year that pass. One can only do so much to endure, and try to rectify."

"Oh, you’re not?" The older more experienced Slytherin turned; the smooth motion could easily be seen as arrogant, cocky, because he knew he could turn the tables. “I’d heard some of the most delicious rumours.”


"But of course, you cannot blame me for believing what I heard, when there was evidence to support it." His hands found his pockets and the next words from his mouth were given with eyes peeking from under eyelashes. His deep, beautiful voice tilted the sentence apologetically. It was meant to be all the more infuriating. "After all, you have grown about the middle of late."

"Is it destruction, you seek, dearie?" Lithe body turning with vicious intent present in doe eyes. Chauvinistic, vain and sexistic was he and for that she would turn into the most wicked of serpentresses (as if she was not that always). Her words cold as smirk tugs at the corner of her lips. Question in the air both a warning and a challenge, as the wish for destruction and blood lingers in her words. 


"For we all know that even if you have a little band of brothers, they cannot protect you from the harm others could invoke upon your itty bitty soul." His comments ignored as a scene was far from what she would wish to create. Emmeline worked in the shadows of the world, like a spider she sat upon her web feeling the tingle of movement whenever a body fell to her destruction. For Rodolphus, such destruction would not be suitable for he was a man of ancient royalty, yet to speak to the queen of the serpentresses in such a manner would invoke nothing but pain. "Or has the war affected you in such a way that you wish to leave earth already? Never did I think you to be such a weak man, but it is true what they say. The truth of man arises at the edge of war."

"Nothing lasts forever." & "You’ve done enough already." ;___;
"Nothing lasts forever."

Marlene’s words echoes in the brunette’s mind as she keeps cold facade. Wicked smile spreading over her lips as she leans forward to whisper in a former friend’s ear. Once an action  of affection now turned into a vile taunt of a forgotten semblance of kinship. Shattering every warm thought or memory of what they had once been. Children running over green pastures letting giggles escape from their mouths as they whispered silly secrets between them. It was all but memories now.


"Thank Merlin for that, because, dearie, you are far below me and such ties need to be severed."

"You've done enough already."

Marlene is correct, the truth of her words creating a resounding noise inside of the brunette’s mind. With vicious acts and wicked deeds Emmeline had done all to break apart the former friend, to push away so far as possible in order for the relation to be irreparable.  Both in protection for her own path chosen, and, the safety of the blonde before her. Whilst the acts of the doe eyed brunette could not be described as other than devious and cruel, there were a sliver of affection in every choice she had made. To turn ones back on a close friend may have seemed simple to the mob, when it, indeed, was nothing but a difficult path. Marlene may have hated her, but Emmeline would swear that some of her cruel deeds had been for protection, something she was determined to never let the other know.


"Oh, darling, I have only gotten started."

Her words speaking of torment to come, with intentions hidden behind cold smirk and truth forgotten in dark mind.

"A little evil goes a long, long way."

Doe eyes study him at his words as the allure of darkness ensnares her. Her eyes challenging as he speaks. For he is offering a new path, which borders she has been threading for years, and now it is so close within her grasp that the mere thought of it sparks excitement behind cold demure. If she steps over that very border now, she knows she cannot go back and the thought is alluring yet terrifying.


"Show me, mister Dolohov, for there are many forms of evil and I am curious as to how you define the word." She breathes as she settles down on a chair, treating it as her throne. Her path chosen, power was what she wished for and power was what she would gain. Or so she thought.

The stars, the moon
They have all been blown out
You left me in the dark

"No one can hurt you now." idk shhh just go with it?

Power surges through her body. The sense of complete and utter control sending both chills down her spines and fierce adrenaline through delicate veins. Doe eyes glowing with victory, and as they land on the handsome man behind her she lets a smirk play over her lips. He, a teacher and a friend, had showed her the finer arts of life where no one could touch nor reach. The darkness of the spell and his allure tainting her mind and thoughts in the most enticing of ways. 

Delicate shoulders displayed as hair cascade down her back, as she lets it out and lithe body turns to face him. “Yet it seems as if invincibility is still outside my reach, mister Dolohov.”

"Are you pregnant?"
ASKED BY rodolphusx

Eyebrow raised as regal grace is so evident in her features when she lifts herself off the chair. Doe eyes showing nothing but cold indifference as her words form the shapes of daggers. Smirk playing on tainted lips.


"It seems as if mister Lestrange has been confunded." She spins. "For he should be aware that if he ever mistakes me for one of his harlots little will be left of him.” Slender body moves past him as sharp nails trail over his shoulder. “Now, ta-ta, darling, and find yourself a willing little fool.”

"No one can hurt you now."

Blood stains her hands, hides on her black attire and in her eyes the once fierce flame flickers and slowly dies out. Every breath becoming an effort as his words echo around her and the wand she held with such determination slips through her fingers as she falls, falls, falls. No words being said as her broken soul feels the touch of gold once more.

She had been in the dark for far too long.